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About David N. Gordon

I provide the tools and knowledge for you to actualize your financial goals while avoiding the irreversible and unknown pitfalls so you can enjoy your life with fewer financial concerns. 

You wake up early each morning, work hard, and deal with bureaucracy. You want to make the best choices so you can enjoy life. As a financial advisor, I guide my clients to make the most beneficial decisions. Our services are designed to enable you to avoid the pitfalls of the highly complex life insurance market.

I have a fiduciary responsibility to help you make the decision that benefits you most.  

My Clients Come to Me When:

✔   They need help choosing the best insurance plan for their unique life situation

✔   They want to avoid making irrevocable errors in this highly complex market

✔   They need to decide which policy will benefit them the most

✔   They want to allocate their insurance premium dollars to help sustain them throughout their lives.


The Landscape has Changed for Life Insurance.

My clients are Tired of Putting Their Energy Into:

❌ Making poor choices without proper guidance

❌ Worrying about making the wrong decisions about the policy they’ve worked hard to fund

❌ Not knowing what will happen to their life insurance when the stock market crashes.

❌ Fearing they will lose money in a fast changing world


Within just a few months of working together clients are frequently able to:

🎯 Feel at ease having a well thought out plan upon which they can rely

🎯 Let go of worrying about making the wrong choices

🎯 Feel comfortable knowing they made the most educated decision

🎯 Rest easy knowing they are working with a fiduciary who always has their best interest in mind


How can I come alongside you and help you navigate the complex world of life insurance? 

You put in your time and are preparing for retirement. What happens to your family if you are not

there to provide for them?

We all get caught up in the daily grind. You spend the bulk of your time working to save for retirement-with not nearly enough focus planning for how your money will work for you. That’s where I come into play.

I am here to help you make the right choices for your life insurance options.

If your goal is to be at ease, then I invite you to send me a message here or schedule a quick 15-minute introductory call where we can chat about your specific needs.