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High-Risk Insurance: Life Insurance

High-Risk Insurance
At Five Towns Term Life​My job is to get you insurance even if you’ve been declined before. 

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High-risk underwriting for life insurance refers to the process of assessing and insuring individuals who are considered to have a higher level of risk compared to the average population. Insurance companies evaluate various factors to determine the risk associated with an applicant and decide whether to offer coverage or not.


Here are some common considerations in high-risk underwriting:


Health Conditions

Certain medical conditions, such as cancer, heart disease, or diabetes can be considered high-risk by insurance companies. They may evaluate the severity of the condition, treatment history, and overall health to determine the insurability and premium rates.

Occupation and Hobbies

High-risk occupations, such as pilots, firefighters, or underground miners, as well as engaging in extreme sports or hobbies like rock climbing or bungee jumping, can affect the risk assessment for life insurance. These activities are associated with higher chances of accidents or injuries.


Lifestyle Habits

Habits like smoking, heavy alcohol consumption, or drug use can impact life insurance underwriting. These behaviors increase the likelihood of health issues and decrease life expectancy.


Travel or Residency

If an applicant frequently travels to high-risk or politically unstable regions, or if they reside in an area with a higher crime rate or exposure to natural disasters, it may affect their risk profile.

Family History

Certain hereditary or genetic conditions, such as certain types of cancer or heart disease, may impact the underwriting decision. Insurance companies consider family medical history to assess the risk of developing similar conditions.


Financial Risk

Some individuals may be declined for life insurance if they have a history of financial instability, such as a significant amount of debt, bankruptcy, or a poor credit history.


It's important to note that being considered high-risk doesn't necessarily mean you won't be able to obtain life insurance. Some insurance companies specialize in providing coverage for individuals with high-risk profiles, albeit at higher premium rates. We are experts at getting our clients the coverage they desire.

Five Town Term Life has a fiduciary responsibility to help you make the decision that benefits you most.

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